Timothy Winter/Abdul Hakim Murad

Tim Winter/Abdul Hakim Murad is the Shaykh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Director of Studies, Wolfson College at Cambridge University.  He is also the Dean, The Cambridge Muslim College which trains imams/clerics in UK.

timothy winter

He converted to Islam in his early age and has since devoted his life to study and teach Islam. He has been rated as one of the most influential Muslims in Britain by 500 most influential Muslims.

WebsiteTim Winter

You Tube :  Cambridge Muslim College

(Just search his name on You Tube and you will get hundreds of videos.)

Institution :  College of Divinity, Cambridge University

Other initiatives :

Cambridge Muslim college


Recommended reading list on Islam : link

Select authored Books : 

  1. Understanding the four madhabs

Key Publications : 

  1. ‘Terrorism and Islamic theologies of religiously-sanctioned war’, in Brian Wicker and David Fisher (eds), Just War on Terror? Christian and Muslim Responses. ( London: Ashgate 2010), 9-24.
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Videos :

Watch this 8 part series : “Understanding Islam” produced by Islam on demand. He explains topics like – 5 pillars of Islam, sharia, ijtihad, Muslim theology, sufism/tasawwuf, etc.